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Want2Know – An Open Data platform
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The process of Open Census gave OKFN Greece the idea to implement want2know, aimed at motivate the citizens themselves. Citizens will be able to request the data they want to know and in which they want to have open access and be informed of existing ones.

This application is made firstly for informational purposes and aims, with the help of all Greek citizens to publish new packages of public sector data. Moreover, it is also a platform for data evaluation according to the criteria of OKFN for open data (per the open census requirements) and interoperability as suggested by the founder of Web, Tim Berners Lee. It remains to be seen whether the Greek state will take into account the requirements of the Digital Agenda, in order to catch up on open data progress and acquire one more weapon to fight chronic issues.

Three remarkable digital applications which are based on open public data is developed in a half year of operation of the Greek Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN Greece). One of the applications is “want2know” which draws information from users themselves and invites them to choose the data of public administration they want to open.
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