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Hattrick Network Analysis
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Hattrick Network Analysis is a web application which gathers statistics from various countries in an online community from www.hattrick.org game and analyse them as a social network. Users are clustered in Social Groups and the influence of each of them is calculated with Betweenness, Eigenvector, Pagerank and Clustering coefficient. The Data Visualization was used to predict the results of an in-game users elections with success in most of the test case countries.

There were 2 main candidates and more than 10 without a chance to win. The first one is in the Social Group “G1” with 181 total members and the second one in the Social Group “G2” with 128 total members. The election results are 187 and 158 votes respectively. Looks awesome. Right? 😉

It has nicely captured the social groupings in HT England.”, “Clearly, this is the work of a man who is looking for more luvvies.”, “A great project! :)”, “Have to say, it looks great! Nice web work.”, “You remind me Zuckerberg and co in their film and their explanations of algorithms ;)”, “Wow, I love it. I don’t understand a word on the scientific part, but the pretty pictures are awesome.

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